Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment

Key features


  1. Designed for robotic welding under severe conditions with high voltage
  2. Guaranteed productivity with the best feeding system in the world
  3. Wide range of wires in accodance with the recent trend of high tensile strength steel


  1. Accurate duty cycle and stable output regardless of the input voltage fluctuation
  2. Excellent durability under extreme environments
  3. CAN communication and IT technology for improved user”s convenience

Recommended products

  • Construction equipment

Consumables   AWS   JIS   EN

– SM-70G – A5.18/ASME SFA5.18 ER70S-G – Z3312 YGW11 – ISO 14341-A G3Si1
– SM-70EN – A5.18/ASME SFA5.18 ER70S-6 – Z3312 YGW12 – ISO 14341-A G 42 2 C 4Si1
– SM-80G – A5.28/ASME SFA5.28 ER80S-G – Z3312 G 59J A 1 U C 3M1T – ISO 14341-B S3M1T 145
  • Other products
Stick electrodes Flux cored wire / Metal cored wire SAW Wire & Flux MIG / MAG wire TIG wire Ni-Alloy Others